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Nowruz: A Celebration of Spring, Renewal & Resilience

Nowruz: A Celebration of Spring, Renewal & Resilience

Nowruz is a Persian celebration that marks the beginning of spring and a new year. This blog explores the significance of Nowruz traditions to individuals and communities that have faced ...

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15 Powerful Works by Palestinian Women You Must Read

Palestine has a long, rich and vibrant tradition of literature with incredible writers who have contributed to Palestinian identity, culture and the quest for freedom ...

The Hidden Languages of Flowers

Want access to the latest cultural and language insights? Sign up below for our newsletter today! As spring unfolds, the fragrant beauty of the season ...

Courage In The Impossible: Gaza’s Poets Speak

Amidst Gaza's turmoil, poets' voices resonate. Explore Palestinian poetry's power and resilience.
the Swiss Alps, the Eiffel Tower, and a gorilla

French Slang Around the World

A smattering of French slang from around the world! Learn more expressions like this with NaTakallam's native speaking tutors.

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