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romantic couple with guitar

Love Songs from Across the World

One love song each in Arabic, Armenian, French, Kurdish, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.
deq, the art of Kurdish tattooing

Deq: The Art of Kurdish Tattooing

Deq, the art of Kurdish tattooing, is an ancient art that's making a comeback.
Christmas in Beirut, Lebanon

Christmas in the Arab World

Christmas in the Arab world is an important holiday despite being tied to a minority religion. Find out more about how it is celebrated in ...
dancers performing Armenian folk dances

The Rich Tradition of Armenian Folk Dance

Armenian folk dance is a rich and varied tradition — read on to learn more about some key Armenian dances and see examples of them ...
woman afraid to speak, hiding face in sweater

How to Stop Being Afraid to Speak a New Language

When you’re learning a new language, speaking to other people might be the skill you struggle with the most. Luckily, this fear can be overcome.

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25. May. 2021

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