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Counting in French with two French counting systems:

Counting in French – Two Different Systems

A thorough explanation of how to count in French, including the two rival systems for counting 70-99.

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goodbye in Persian

13 Ways to Say Goodbye in Persian

Have you mastered saying salâm (hello, سلام) in Persian, but you’re stuck when it comes to “goodbye”? Well, here it is: learn 13 ways to say goodbye in Persian. This selection of phrases in Farsi and Dari is sure to impress your Persian friends ‘til you meet again.

hello in Russian

15 Ways to Say Hello in Russian

In this piece, learn fifteen diverse ways ways you can say hello in Russian in a variety of social situations.

saying hello in Spanish

14 Ways to Say Hello in Spanish

In this piece, learn fourteen exciting ways ways you can say hello in Spanish from various Latin American countries.

ways to say goodbye in Arabic

7 Ways to Say Goodbye in Arabic

In this piece, learn the six most common ways you can say goodbye in Modern Standard Arabic and dialects.

11 Ways to Say Hello in French

One of the first things we are taught when starting a new language is basic greetings.

French words from Arabic

French Words That Made Their Way from Arabic

From the Arabs of Andalusia in the 8th century, who brought immense commercial, scientific, and literary knowledge to Europe, all the way to the more recent Middle Eastern and North African migrations in the last decades, Arabic-speaking populations have had a considerable impact on the French language and culture.

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