World Refugee Day 2017


NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) connects language learners around the world with displaced individuals for language practice online—frequently over Skype.

Presently, NaTakallam is focusing on displaced Syrians mostly in Lebanon, but also in Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Italy, Iraq, Germany and Turkey. As NaTakallam conversation partners, displaced persons gain access to an income, staff training and marketable skills by working with Arabic learners around the world. On the other end, the platform offers language learners affordable, flexible, tailored language practice with native speakers.

Over 1,200+ people have engaged in more than 13,000 hours of NaTakallam sessions since our pilot phase, and, as a result, conversation partners have self-generated over $120,000—in situations where finding another job has often been impossible.

  • Interested in learning or practicing Arabic with one of our conversation partners?

Sign up here!

  • Don’t speak Arabic?

Tell us what language you’d like to see next on our platform! There are more than 65 million displaced persons worldwide, we are looking to support them by adding other languages.

  • Not interested in language learning? You can still help!

Share about NaTakallam on social media or refer us to friends who might be interested. We’ve witnessed firsthand the power of a single Facebook share.

  • Are you a Professor or Student in University or High School? 

Bring NaTakallam to your classroom! We’ve been integrated into classrooms around the world with learners of all ages, from 4th graders in Hong Kong to college students at Duke and Tufts University. Contact us for more information:

You can also apply for our Student Ambassadors program here! No Arabic knowledge necessary.

  • Does your organization need language training or affordable Arabic translation services? Our conversation partners can help with that too.

  • And finally, are you interested in helping NaTakallam’s small but growing team?

For donations, email us at info@natakallam.comFor volunteer opportunities, check out our Get Involved page for regular updates.

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