Our Impact and Commitment

Founded as a social enterprise, NaTakallam aims to provide equal livelihood opportunities to refugees, conflict-stricken populations, and their host communities through the freelance digital economy in quality language services.

NaTakallam was initially launched as an Arabic-teaching service during the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, in effort to support the livelihoods of displaced individuals while also countering negative media portrayal of refugees.

Today, our reach and offerings have significantly expanded, powered by refugee talent and host communities. Globally-minded and impact-driven, NaTakallam is committed to a mission and strategy that actively aligns with specific Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to help foster social and economic inclusion.

Amplifying Impact with NaTakallam

As a social enterprise founded on the mission to provide livelihood opportunities to refugees, conflict-stricken populations, and their host communities, NaTakallam’s vision and strategy continues to align with several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are also a proud awardee of the WE Empower UN SDG challenge.

As NaTakallam evolves, our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals only strengthens.

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NaTakallam harnesses the power of the digital economy to virtually connect displaced and conflict-stricken individuals with avid language learners and organizations in 110+ countries. Through language service opportunities, we directly uplift those who are at risk of financial instability, enabling them to earn an income during transitional periods of displacement and resettlement. All of NaTakallam’s tutors, translators, and interpreters are provided with training and mentorship designed to prepare them for better financial stability in their host communities, breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.

As a woman-founded and women-fueled social enterprise, NaTakallam advocates for gender equality and proudly celebrates the transformative impact women have in the workplace. Our enabling business model is designed to create more employment opportunities for women of all races and backgrounds, with over 75% of our staff, 52% of our language partners and 53% of our translators identifying as female. Since 2015, over $880,000 USD (53% of total income) has been generated in income among NaTakallam’s women tutors, teachers, translators, and interpreters.

NaTakallam innovatively leverages the digital economy by vetting, hiring, and training refugees of all races, religions, and sexual identities as online language partners, teachers, and translators. In doing so, these often marginalized communities, who face barriers to entry in the local economy and high risk of exploitation on the black market, obtain a restored sense of purpose, a source of income, and marketable skills for future employment. NaTakallam also offers scholarship opportunities to students who may be experiencing financial strain in partnership with K-12 schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

Find out more about NaTakallam’s contribution to the SDG goal of reduced inequalities by listening to this conversation with our founder, hosted by the Seedstars podcast.

Issues related to health and well-being often disproportionately affect women and children; this especially pertains to vulnerable populations of refugees and displaced persons. At NaTakallam, our language partners and translators have flexibility over their schedules, enabling them to take ownership over their welfare and hours. We are devoted to promoting good health and well-being (both physical and mental) for all by cultivating a positive work environment. We place a strong emphasis on team member appreciation and ensure that our language partners’ contributions to NaTakallam are recognized through social media spotlight posts, speaker events, and upskill opportunities.

NaTakallam serves as an income stream for refugees, displaced persons, and their host communities by connecting them to individuals and organizational clients worldwide, regardless of their geolocation. Since NaTakallam’s launch, our language partners have self-generated over $1,700,000 USD in cash income, earning up to $1,500 per month, which is over twice the minimum wage in their respective host countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.

As an impact-first social enterprise, NaTakallam aims to promote justice, peace, and inclusivity for all members of displaced and conflict-stricken populations. We stand against all abuse, discrimination, and exploitation of especially vulnerable populations. This is especially critical in recent times as xenophobia is becoming more widespread – given a microphone by major political figures and mass media in North America and Europe – with insufficient laws and policies to support them.

By connecting refugees to every corner of the world, especially those in the West, NaTakallam is building bridges across borders, which is critical to making the world a more open, understanding and welcoming place. By also giving a platform to our refugee partners in classrooms, we strive to change the narratives around displaced communities and catalyze change in the youth and global leaders of the future.

Since NaTakallam’s founding, we have strengthened our global partnerships with various public and private organizations in efforts to provide quality language pratice and cultural exchange opportunities. We’ve partnered with renowned universities like Georgetown, Columbia, and Yale to complement classroom instruction and course modules, as well as synergized with nonprofit organizations such as Qatar Foundation International and Ben & Jerry’s UK to provide grants and scholarship opportunities to schools. Thanks to our partnership with Teens of Color Abroad, we’ve been able to provide virtual language practice and study abroad opportunities to students of color who are typically underrepresented in such programs.

NaTakallam has created a one-of-a-kind platform that virtually brings together a global community of language enthusiasts, refugees, and their host communities, all while leveraging technology to mobilize displaced and conflict-stricken individuals in vulnerable states. Our unique communication infrastructure pairs digital communication tools with education to allow quality learning opportunities and income generation, a system that remained unshaken even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through NaTakallam, refugees have connected with more than 12,000 unique language learners, and over 300 schools and universities through virtual language and cultural exchange sessions, as well as provided translation services to more than 100 corporate and nonprofit clients. On the other end, our students and clients have access to affordable language practice with native speakers while directly contributing to the livelihood of their refugee partners and host community members.

NaTakallam works with international organizations, such as the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, and UNHCR, that directly connect us with individuals impacted by displacement, in the fastest-growing human crises of our time. A recent report from Acumen and IKEA featured NaTakallam’s work to help corporations meet SDG goals.

Moreover, NaTakallam has created synergetic partnerships – with non-profit organizations such as Qatar Foundation International and Teens of Color Abroad, as well as venture philanthropy organization Alfanar – to increase outreach and grant opportunities to individuals and clients, and amplify social impact in the refugee space.

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