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Languages: Arabic and English

Country of origin: Syria

Based in: Iraq

Haidara, in his twenties and originally from Syria, studied Biology and worked as a tutor and freelance translator. He had to leave Syria due to the conflict and mandatory military service and is currently based in Iraq. In his sessions with NaTakallam, Haidara tailors his teachings to the needs and goals of his students, engaging them with various materials and cultural discussions to enhance language learning.

Languages: Arabic and English

Country of origin: Palestine

Based in: Egypt

Shahd, in her twenties and originally from Palestine, relocated to Egypt with her family following the conflict. She brings over three years of experience in English-Arabic translation, handling tasks such as subtitling and tutoring. Shahd’s sessions reflect her resilience and adaptability, continuing to excel despite challenges.

Languages: Spanish and English

Country of origin: Venezuela 

Based in: Uruguay

Griselda is in her late twenties and originally from Valencia, Venezuela. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and spent time teaching English to children. She had to leave her home country in 2018 due to the conflict. Her journey to safety took her across the United States and Brazil, and finally, to Uruguay where she has been living for the past three years. During her sessions, Griselda likes to have conversations about everyday life and compare cultures!

Languages: English and Arabic 

Country of origin: Palestine

Based in: Lebanon

Mohammad, in his twenties and a father of two, hails from Palestine and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. His family relocated to Lebanon following conflict in their homeland. Prior to NaTakallam, he was a teaching operations manager. Mohammad’s background informs his teaching, bringing practical experience to his sessions.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English 

Country of origin: Ukraine 

Based in: Ukraine 

Yaroslavna, originally from Donbas, Ukraine, fled to Kyiv with her husband during the 2014 Russian aggression. Formerly a full-time English tutor, the war impacted her work hours. Joining NaTakallam in 2022, she is known for her flexible teaching approach, combining modern interactive resources with traditional methods

Languages: Persian and English 

Country of origin: Afghanistan

Based in: USA

Sayed, originally from Afghanistan, sought refuge in Iran at nine to escape the Taliban and later navigated to Indonesia in 2013 due to security threats. Now settled in the US, he studied French language and literature and worked as an interpreter/translator. Sayed is passionate about Persian poetry and cultural exchange, eagerly sharing his story and insights, particularly his experiences as a refugee.

Languages: Armenian, Arabic and English

Country of origin: Syria

Based in: Germany 

Nairy, in her forties and a Syrian national of Armenian descent, moved to Greece after marriage. With a background as a shop manager and accountant, she also dedicated time to volunteering with an organization aiding Syrian refugees in Athens. Joining NaTakallam as a Language Partner, Nairy blends language fundamentals with engaging discussions on her life and culture, motivated by her passion for teaching and her native languages.

Languages: French and English

Country of origin: Burundi

Based in: Uganda

Frederic, in his late forties and originally from Burundi, moved to Uganda in 2015 due to conflicts in his homeland. He works as a French teacher and joined NaTakallam as a Language Partner in 2020. Frederic enjoys connecting with his students during sessions, employing an action-oriented and participatory approach tailored to their interests.

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