Learn Arabic

Learning Arabic with NaTakallam is a unique experience. Choose from Modern Standard Arabic to any of our dialects offerings across the Arab world.

Learn Arabic

Learning Arabic with NaTakallam is a unique experience. Choose from Modern Standard Arabic to any of our dialects offerings across the Arab world.

Arabic Offerings

NaTakallam offers both Modern Standard Arabic as well as colloquial Arabic.

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic allows learners to communicate across the Arab region. It is the official language of schooling, as well as the news & written texts.

Levantine Lebanese

As the host of the highest density of refugees per capita, NaTakallam is now offering Lebanese to support locals on the ground & the refugee ecosystem as a whole.


The Sudanese dialect at NaTakallam was born out of the political and social unrest in Sudan in the past decade. Connect with the local language & dialect, today.


Learn Yemeni & all about its culture with NaTakallam – all while supporting its tutors who have been displaced due to the ongoing war in Yemen.


Did you know Egyptian is the language of mainstream Arabic media? Work on your Egyptian dialect with our native speakers from displaced backgrounds.

Levantine Palestinian

Learn about Palestinian language & culture! Our language tutors include Syrian Palestinians as well as Palestinians in Gaza & the West Bank.

Levantine Syrian

NaTakallam was born with displaced Syrians in Lebanon. Learn Syrian with our native tutors worldwide - all impacted by the civil war back home.


Pick up & speak the Iraqi dialect in no time with our native tutors who are internally displaced or have been forced to flee in the past decades.

At NaTakallam, language is life-saving

In 2015, NaTakallam was born out of Lebanon to support highly-skilled Syrian refugees access an income by teaching Arabic to learners online. It was also at that time that Syrians, fleeing the violence from the civil war, were pouring into Lebanon, where today, roughly 1 out of 4 people are Syrian. Syrians in Lebanon, and many other neighbouring countries, cannot easily get work permits, making their capacity to work and earn an income incredibly difficult.
Thus, the idea of NaTakallam came to life, pioneering the concept of leveraging the digital economy and refugees’ language skills to provide language services to users worldwide, who, through their engagement, help support displaced persons’ livelihoods.
Today, besides Syrian refugees, NaTakallam has expanded its reach to displaced communities from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, as well as host communities in Lebanon – which hosts the highest density of refugees per capita – to support ecosystems as a whole.

Looking for a bit more structure?

Check out our Integrated Arabic Curriculum for beginners & intermediates.

Developed in partnership with the Head of the Arabic Department at Cornell University, this program is completely unique, based on the textbook ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas and integrates colloquial Arabic with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in a way that reflects the use of the language by native speakers.

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