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In light of current affairs, we have mobilized and added Russian language learning to support Russians negatively impacted by the conflict and economic crisis, as well as Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

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At NaTakallam, language is life-saving

In 2015, NaTakallam was born out of Lebanon to support highly-skilled Syrian refugees access an income by teaching Arabic to learners online. It was also at that time that Syrians, fleeing the violence from the civil war, were pouring into Lebanon, where today, roughly 1 out of 4 people are Syrian. Syrians in Lebanon, and many other neighbouring countries, cannot easily get work permits, making their capacity to work and earn an income incredibly difficult.
Thus, the idea of NaTakallam came to life, pioneering the concept of leveraging the digital economy and refugees’ language skills to provide language services to users worldwide, who, through their engagement, help support displaced persons’ livelihoods.
Today, besides Syrian refugees, NaTakallam has expanded its reach to displaced communities from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, as well as host communities in Lebanon – which hosts the highest density of refugees per capita – to support ecosystems as a whole.

Why NaTakallam?

Native instructors

Immerse yourself with natural conversations, culture and native pronunciation

One-on-one sessions

Achieve language goals more efficiently through personalized sessions and instant feedback

Flexible and learning on-the-go

Learn anytime and anywhere with flexible sessions that work around your schedule

Real-world practice

Engage in relevant language practice with that focuses on real-life applications

Social Impact

Support conflict-impacted individuals all while mastering a new language

English-speaking instructors

Don't worry about being a beginner; start your language-learning journey from an English foundation

Want to give the Gift of Language?

Makes a thoughtful, affordable & great last-minute gift idea, for loved ones, near or far!

Available for all NaTakallam languages, as well as our unique Integrated Arabic Curriculum.

What our learners say


Project Coordinator, Content Creator & Course Trainer
Syrian, based in Lebanon. With NaTakallam since 2019.


Content Creator & Course Trainer
Syrian, based in Lebanon. With NaTakallam since 2019.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in Brazil. With NaTakallam since 2020.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in Ireland. With NaTakallam since 2020.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in France. With NaTakallam since 2016.
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Originally from Syria, Haidara studied Biology and worked as a tutor and freelance translator until he had to leave his home country for Lebanon due to conflict. Haidara enjoys introducing his students to cultural elements and coming up with memorable ways to teach pronunciation and spelling. In his free time, Haidara plays basketball, reads books, watches movies and plays video games !
Originally from Syria, Tulin fled her home country due to conflict. Her journey to safety took her across Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey and currently Brazil. Before joining NaTakallam in 2020, she studied Astronomy and taught English in Rio de Janeiro. During her language sessions, Tulin likes to talk about her culture. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, as well as traveling!
Originally from Damascus, Syria, Bahel has a degree in Arabic Language and Literature and experiences working in journalism and education. Due to conflict, he had to relocate to Dublin, Ireland, where he works for a Social and Cultural Research Center. He completed a Master’s in Education Administration and Supervision and he has been with NaTakallam since 2018. In his free time, Bahel participates in voluntary activities promoting Middle Eastern cultures!

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Tarek studied English Literature before having to leave his home country due to the civil war. Having relocated to Lebanon in 2016, he studied Graphic Design and started working with NaTakallam there, inspired by his extensive experience teaching Arabic and English. In Istanbul Turkey, he studied UX/UI design and worked with Natakallam as a freelance graphic designer. Currently, Tarek is living in Lyon, France where he works as a full time graphic designer!

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