For the first time ever, NaTakallam is launching Arabic courses fully designed by NaTakallam language partners with years of teaching experience!

These 10-hour, one-on-one courses are designed for intermediate and advanced-level Arabic students who work in the fields of Business, Journalism, Humanitarian Work or Healthcare.

NaTakallam is thrilled to be launching “Arabic for Professionals”, a series of four courses designed by our own language partners, for upper intermediate to advanced-level Arabic students in the fields of Business, Journalism, Humanitarian Work and Healthcare.

For a limited time ONLY, be among the first to try the course and participate in our pilot launch for a heavily discounted price of only US$250 for 10 hours!

What is 'Arabic for Professionals' ?

NaTakallam’s Arabic for Professionals are short language courses that focus on four workplaces: Business, Journalism, Humanitarian Work and Healthcare.

Learners will engage in 10 one-hour sessions taught in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic. The courses combine synchronous and asynchronous learning to focus on speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

By the end of the course, students will be familiarized with terminologies and concepts in their professional field of work and be able to put them into practice.

Powered by Designed by NaTakallam Language Partners

What is 'Arabic for Professionals' ?

This unique series of structured bite-size courses was crafted by our own instructors – in response to years of tutoring and in observation of our students’ needs – our audience of journalists, humanitarians, medics and business professionals looking for structured, but not overly-long courses.

10 one-on-one sessions

Each 1-hour session follows the structured material included in your course purchase - no textbook required


Modern Standard Arabic with references to the Levantine dialect

Arabic language requirement

Upper-intermediate to advanced-level

Blended learning

Combining both synchronous & asynchronous teaching

The course uses a custom-made learning dashboard that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning (no textbook needed). 
The course includes a variety of interactive activities, games, quizzes, and homework, to ensure that learners reach session objectives.
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Discover Our Courses

Arabic for Business

Designed for professionals studying or working in the field of business. Learn how to use Arabic while navigating the economic system, technology, labor market, e-marketing, cryptocurrency and stock markets, and the art of negotiation within the context of the Arab world.

Arabic for Healthcare

Designed for professionals and students in the healthcare field within the Arab world, or with Arabic-speaking patients from any part of the world. The course will explore addiction, mental health, diseases, home remedies, reproductive health, and discrimination in medicine.

Arabic for Humanitarianism

Designed for humanitarian aid workers and social workers, or those aspiring to enter the space. The course will explore conflict and natural disasters, migration and displacement, aid and support, social injustices such as racial or gender discrimination, development and ethics of humanitarian work.

Arabic for Journalism

Designed for Arabic learners in the field of journalism (or aspiring to be), whether reporting on the ground or within the context of the Arab world online. The course will explore journalistic writing, ethics of journalism, digital media, history of journalism in the Arab world, freedom of press and development information.

The Creators of the Course

Created by our very own refugee tutors and proofed by certified Arabic-language academics from the US-college system. Meet some of them below!


Project Coordinator, Content Creator & Course Trainer
Syrian, based in Lebanon. With NaTakallam since 2019.


Content Creator & Course Trainer
Syrian, based in Lebanon. With NaTakallam since 2019.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in Brazil. With NaTakallam since 2020.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in Ireland. With NaTakallam since 2020.


Content Creator
Syrian, based in France. With NaTakallam since 2016.

The Launch

• The series of 10 one-on-one sessions (each up to 60 minutes long) is designed for upper intermediate to advanced-level Arabic students.

The pilot launch is open to only 25 students.

• In the pilot phase, students must begin their first session by February 28th and complete the 10-hour course by April 30th, 2023.

• The 10-hour course is offered at an exceptionally discounted price of US$250. Please kindly note that the pilot fee is also non-refundable.

In return for the discounted rate, we kindly ask for your feedback (a 3-minute survey and a 10-minute call) at the end of the course, to help optimize our offering based on your feedback.

Powered by refugee

The thematic courses are designed and developed by our refugee talent and community in-house.

A blended-learning

Experience interactive learning with a customized online platform that tracks your progress.

Personalized with native instructors

Fast-track your learning with one-on-one sessions tailored to your goals, pace and schedule.

Yalla! Book your very first session today.

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Yara is originally from Damascus, Syria. With a degree in English literature, she worked there as a teacher and translator until she had to leave due to the civil conflict in 2017. In an effort to adapt and sustain herself, she has held many jobs and ultimately joined NaTakallam in 2019. Her online language sessions alternate between traditional, interactive and student-tailored content !
Originally from Syria, Haidara studied Biology and worked as a tutor and freelance translator until he had to leave his home country for Lebanon due to conflict. Haidara enjoys introducing his students to cultural elements and coming up with memorable ways to teach pronunciation and spelling. In his free time, Haidara plays basketball, reads books, watches movies and plays video games !
Originally from Syria, Tulin fled her home country due to conflict. Her journey to safety took her across Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey and currently Brazil. Before joining NaTakallam in 2020, she studied Astronomy and taught English in Rio de Janeiro. During her language sessions, Tulin likes to talk about her culture. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, as well as traveling!
Originally from Damascus, Syria, Bahel has a degree in Arabic Language and Literature and experiences working in journalism and education. Due to conflict, he had to relocate to Dublin, Ireland, where he works for a Social and Cultural Research Center. He completed a Master’s in Education Administration and Supervision and he has been with NaTakallam since 2018. In his free time, Bahel participates in voluntary activities promoting Middle Eastern cultures!

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Tarek studied English Literature before having to leave his home country due to the civil war. Having relocated to Lebanon in 2016, he studied Graphic Design and started working with NaTakallam there, inspired by his extensive experience teaching Arabic and English. In Istanbul Turkey, he studied UX/UI design and worked with Natakallam as a freelance graphic designer. Currently, Tarek is living in Lyon, France where he works as a full time graphic designer!