Dive deeper with our Integrated Arabic Curriculum

A one-of-a-kind Arabic program that combines Modern Standard Arabic with the Levantine dialect for a real-world experience.

Interested in learning Arabic from scratch or further developing your proficiency with greater structure?

NaTakallam’s curriculum option may be perfect for you!

Developed in partnership with the Head of the Arabic Department at Cornell University, this unique program is based on the textbook ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas & integrates colloquial Arabic (Levantine dialect) with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in a way that reflects the use of the language by native speakers.

The curriculum is customized to learners of all levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced.

DUO Arabic Curriculum

Exclusively this February, commit to learning Arabic with a partner, with our Duo offer for two. Double the love, learning and fun! 

The Duo curriculum is flexible, structured and designed for pairs who have similar language levels.

Cost for groups of two: $1,500 USD $1,200 USD

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Learn as the Natives Speak

Most Arabic-as-a-foreign-language programs focus on MSA for all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading & writing – and add in colloquial spoken Arabic later, if at all. This traditional teaching method leaves many students struggling to communicate verbally, especially when they travel in the region & desire to use the language in everyday settings.

In an effort to resolve this common challenge and close the gap between classroom settings and the real world, ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas teaches students the living language as it is used by native speakers every day. The curriculum introduces spoken Levantine Arabic (the Arabic used in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine) and uses it for ordinary conversation and discussions throughout the course, while using MSA for reading, writing and formal or scripted speech.

Course Details

Students will engage in 25 one-on-one online hour-long sessions with our language instructors.

Expected Time Commitment

25 hours of instruction + 25 hours of independent study

Start & End Date

Students can start at any time and must end 6 months from the first session.

Curriculum Textbook

Part 1 or 2 of ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas depending on the language level. (To be purchased separately)



Important notes
- 25 hours of instruction at US$30 per hour (textbook not included).
- Non-refundable after the first 2 sessions ($75 admin cancellation fee & prorating of session taken).
- Students will be introduced to their language instructor within 1-3 business days.
After completing the 25-hour course
Students can continue working through the rest of the book with their instructor by buying packages of 10 one-hour sessions for $300 (only available students who have completed the 25-hour course).
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