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Unique and Impactful Gifts for the Holiday Season

Christmas is coming! As the holiday season approaches, why not make your gift-giving count? Consider some unique and impactful gifts from our curated list of ...
man wearing keffiyeh

The Meaning of the Keffiyeh

What is the meaning of the keffiyeh? Its exact origins are unknown, but many Arab countries have their own preferred way to wear it. In ...

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5 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Kurmanji Kurdish

Blog contributors: Hadiya Ahmed, Maria Thomas, and Baran Hasso. Valentine’s Day may have just passed but why run out of words to say how much ...

Top 5 Reasons To Learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

A common dilemma faced by Arabic learners has been: should one learn fusHa (فصحى), otherwise known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), or ʿāmmiyya (عامية), a ...

How People Express Laughter in Different Languages

Laughter is a universal yet culturally-tinted phenomenon. It draws people together and has the power to stimulate physical, emotional, psychological and social changes. Ever wondered ...

8 New Year’s Traditions Around The World

As we ring in New Year 2022, here are different traditions that mark the beginning of the year from around the world!   1. Syria ...

Top 10 Reasons to Learn a Language this New Year

Want to introduce something new and transformative into your life this New Year? We recommend language learning! Picking up a new language, or brushing up ...

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