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This World Refugee Month, inspire your classrooms or company with our powerful guest-speaker sessions.

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Refugees are valuable teachers.

Refugees are better prepared than most of us for the future of work and the challenges of tomorrow  they are already facing them. 

At NaTakallam, behind each language partner is a personal story of displacement, resilience and hope. Now, our trained professionals from refugee backgrounds are ready to share their knowledge.

NaTakallam’s virtual sessions will be tailored according to your team’s interests. Do you have specific corporate social responsibility goals? Where do you need more diverse voices? What are your staff development objectives?

The Refugee Voices program is available throughout the year to support your company’s needs. But if you are unsure where to begin, some particularly interesting dates include:

  • March is Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day
  • June is World Refugee Month and June 20 is World Refugee Day
  • August 19 is World Humanitarian Day
  • September 21 is the International Day of Peace 
  • The end-of-year holidays are also a great time to organize a unique experience for your team. 

To thrive in the world they are inheriting, today’s students must learn to cultivate resilience, entrepreneurship, and grit. Refugees have valuable lessons to share with tomorrow’s workforce, having already faced and overcome unexpected crises, uncertainty, and existential hardships.

Why not let your students benefit from their hard-won wisdom?

Learn more here or fill out our interest form today to set up a University Refugee Voices session, or a cultural/language exchange program for K-12 classes.

The Refugee Voices sessions can tackle an array of topics, ranging from:

Personal stories

Life on the move & starting anew

Innovation, technology, & humanitarianism

How refugees can leverage tech solutions

Behind the headlines

Individual perspectives on local politics, social justice, human rights issues & refugee activism

Rebuilding one’s career

How to reset professional goals when life has turned upside down

Conflict resolution & de-polarization

Beyond physical barriers or stigma; encountering host communities

A gender lens on displacement

The journeys of women, girls, & sexual & gender minorities

Cultural flavors

Discover the art, music, food, & poetry that traveled with them

Phrasebook language learning

Arabic, French, Spanish, or Persian

Invite our Co-Founder to your Events

As our co-founder Aline Sara often says, “Refugees are forced digital nomads’.”

Include an appearance from Aline Sara, an experienced speaker at events such as TechCrunch, the World Bank or Falling Walls, for an even deeper dive into the creation of NaTakallam from the ground up.

NaTakallam Cofounder Aline Sara


Each session contributes directly to refugee livelihoods at a time when they may be cut off from the local labor market, in camps or other transit circumstances, or struggling to integrate into a new home.

Packages range from $750-$2500 depending on the number of speakers and audience size.

Hear from our partners & clients:

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Ben & Jerry’s UK is a proud partner of NaTakallam’s Refugee Voices program. Through our partnership, alongside Counterpoints Arts for Refugee Week, UK-based organizations can sign up for FREE Refugee Voices sessions.

Hurry up; a limited number available!

NaTakallam is more than just a language platform. Behind each tutor & translator, is a personal story of displacement, resilience, & hope.

Refugee Voices is an experience your audience and employees won’t forget. Our speakers come fully prepared to immerse the participants in a new perspective.

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The interactive guest speaker sessions offer enriching experiences that equip your audience with a more nuanced global awareness & an ability to encounter a diverse range of ‘others’ with empathy.

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Interpretation Services

Quality translation, transcription & interpretation services at competitive rates. Our team comprises experienced refugee translators, copy reviewers & project managers.

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Website and mobile app translation

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Improve your proficiency in Farsi or Dari & contextualize your learning with cultural insights from our native tutors. Language & culture go hand-in-hand at NaTakallam.

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