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Connect your primary and secondary school students with refugee educators for high-quality language learning & cultural exchange. Scholarships are available, see below for details!

Immersive language & exchange for students

Immersive language & exchange for students increase students’ language skills & prepare young minds for a global career. Our academic programs provide affordable & enriching opportunities that complement existing coursework. NaTakallam Language Partners have worked with over 300 educational institutions.

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Refugee Voices

These interactive guest-speaker sessions offer students the opportunity to learn more about the journey of forced displacement, and to hear personal stories beyond the headlines. Suitable for a classroom or school-wide event. This program is available in English or a target language.

Cultural Exchange

Discover the art, music, food, and poetry that travels with refugees wherever they go. Collaborate with our Language Partners as you teach history, humanities, geography and more. Sessions available for full-classroom or small-group learning. This program is available in English or a target language.

Language Learning

Choose from programming designed to help students practice Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and more. Integrate any thematic or pedagogical elements relevant to classroom curriculum! Sessions available for full-classroom, small-group or 1:1 language learning.

Scholarships Available

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) partners with NaTakallam to provide free sessions to teachers around the world. Fully-funded sessions are available for classrooms looking to work on Arabic language skills, culture from the Arabic-speaking world, or refugee journeys from Syria, Palestine or Iraq. Sessions available in English, MSA, or Arabic Dialect. Inquire about a QFI scholarship today!

Interested in a different language or region instead? Please email us at [email protected] for more information, or submit a general inquiry above.

NaTakallam for Teachers

Bring quality language lessons and first-hand refugee perspectives to your students with our academic programs. K-12 educators who implement NaTakallam into their courses enjoy flexible program options fit for a variety of courses & student learning goals.

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Learn with NaTakallam

Bring NaTakallam’s academic programs to your students for a one-of-a-kind learning experience & meaningful global perspectives. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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Ghaith | Arabic

Languages: Arabic, Italian & English.
Favourite Dish: Kibbeh, a levant dish.
Country of Origin: Syria
Based in: Italy

Sayed | Persian

Languages: Persian, English, French & Indonesian
Favourite Dish: Mantu, Qabuli-palaw and Shurba (all traditional Afghan food)
Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Based in: Indonesia

Tulin | Arabic

Languages: Arabic, English & Portuguese
Favourite Dish: Kanafeh, the dessert
Country of Origin: Syria
Based in: Brazil

Nadine | French

Languages: French, English, Kirundi & Swahili
Favourite Dish: Rice, cassava leaves & green bananas (traditional Burundian dish)
Country of origin: Burundi
Based in: France