5 Ways to Say “I Love You” in French

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French is known as “le langage de l’amour”, the language of love! And we believe that love should not be defined by just a day or month. Here are 5 French phrases that you can use to express love this Valentine’s Day (or any day!).

1. Je t’aime
This is the most commonly used way to say “I love you” in French to a loved one, family member or friend!

2. Mon chéri/Ma chérie
Meaning “my darling/dear”, this is another common phrase of endearment used throughout the Francophone world. Fun fact: The term “chéri” is also used in the US as a form of endearment, common in (French-speaking) New Orleans and Louisiana.

3. Ma moitié
While literally meaning, “my half”, this term is better translated in English as “my better half” and understood as referring to a beloved “partner in crime”. This can be used with friends and romantic partners alike.

4. Avoir un cœur d’artichaut
This phrase literally means “to have an artichoke heart,” but refers to someone that falls in love easily or often!

5. Mon cœur bat la chamade
They don’t call it the language of love for nothing! This poetic expression translates as “my heart beats loudly [for you]”, encapsulating the anticipation and excitement in  seeing a loved one.

A fun fact, the word “la chamade” has an archaic use, meaning “a trumpet of signal inviting the enemy to parley”.

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