A bit of feedback from our users…

“I have really enjoyed my Arabic lessons with my NaTakallam conversation partner. The times are very flexible so I can fit them to my schedule, and my partner is very communicative if issues arise. In addition, he’s also provided helpful materials to structure our conversations. While I have a lot of experience with Fus-ha, I am finally now speaking Arabic (that people actually speak)! Thank you NaTakallam!”

     -Beth, Dubai, UAE


My NaTakallam sessions are helping me practice listening comprehension and speaking in colloquial arabic – which makes me very happy. But even more importantly I have the chance to connect with a brave person who is starting life over again because of the war.  It helps me understand the human impact of the Syrian conflict in a real way.

     -Hannah Evans, 50, Toronto, USA


NaTakallam is a really excellent initiative. The West is filled with students learning Arabic but lacking exposure to Arabic life, culture, and people. We are taught to speak formally about the United Nations, but can’t hold a conversation about daily life. NaTakallam gives Arabic students unique access to the Arabic-speaking world. More importantly, speaking with Syrians who are fleeing extreme violence can teach sheltered Western students some degree of humility and compassion as they study the abstract “Arab world”. It’s a beautiful program, and I’ve actively encouraged all of my colleagues to sign up.

     -Daniel Nerenberg, 36, Brooklyn, USA


I have had conversation partners before to study Arabic and was a little sceptical how this service would be, and how much I would learn. I was very impressed with my first lesson: the punctuality of the teacher, the quality of his spoken Arabic and his patience teaching. As for using Skype rather than in person: it cut out any time required to travel to a teacher and I could do it in the comfort of my own home. Furthermore, the clarity at which I could hear him was much better than I would have had in a cafe, for example. Will definitely be recommending.

     – Rachel Sherwin, 29, Erbil, Iraq


What a wonderful initiative. This is a wonderful opportunity to get our daughters to practice, given that we live in NY and that they are only in Lebanon one month a year. Their conversation partner was professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and knowing that this service helps her in her difficult situation makes it a win-win on both sides. Many thanks to the NaTakallam team!

     – Kinda Younes, New York, USA

“I’ve had multiple Arabic tutors in the past, but speaking with Baraa has already been far more motivational and productive than even professional tutoring services. Whereas in the past I’ve been able to dissociate myself with the tutor as my ‘teacher’ or someone who is expected to endure my spotty Arabic skills, Baraa is someone I identify with – he’s my age, also studying advance sciences, and has the same interests. This alone motivates me far more to have productive conversations in the future and to study between sessions.
And helping out someone in a tough spot while at it? Simply a win-win.”

     -Anonymous, Middle East


I am so delighted to be learning Arabic with Asalh through NaTakallam, It is a new way of learning the language whilst building a bond across cultures. It enables displaced Syrians to earn a livelihood whilst regaining dignity and not being seen as a “refugee” which is only a temporary situation due to the destruction of their country, This does not define who they are, and NaTakallam allows them the chance to develop professionally, and gives me the honor of having Asalh as my teacher. Shokran!

     -Claire Payne, 28, Dublin, Ireland

“Natakallam initiative is an excellent language learning service at a very convenient price. It helps Arabic students or beginners interested in learning Arabic in improving their language skills through an extremely active learning methodology. At the same time Natakallam goes beyond the mere learning Arabic service as it gives an opportunity to Syrian refugees to improve and build up their teaching skills (given the variety of the audience) and it helps in building human relationships all over the world. Conversation partners are very competent and Skype are very fun and dynamic. Overall Natakallam is a very simple but revolutionary idea. By far the best learning Arabic learning experience I have ever had.”

     -Davide Ruscelli, 28, Lilongwe, Malawi


NaTakallam has given me the priceless opportunity to have a wonderful Syrian conversation partner that not only shares his language with me, but also his personal interests and history as a Syrian in Lebanon. This project is not simply about language exchange, it is a bridge connecting two cultures. Something we are so dramatically in need in these days!

     – Valentina Cantori, 26, Los Angeles, USA


I am a mother of four young children. I studied Arabic 12 years ago and wanted to review and get my language skills back up. I was so happy to find Natakallum because of the ease of pursuing this dream. I am able to schedule sessions from the comfort of my home at the times which are right for me. My conversation partner is patient and very skilled in teaching the language.  I am so pleased.

     -Joyce Farnsworth, 39, St. Albans, UK

NaTakallam suits my schedule and my needs, and provides me an excellent opportunity to converse in Arabic almost whenever I want. My instructor has been responsive, informative, and a pleasure to get to know while I build my Arabic skills. I’ve been thrilled with the process so far, and I recommend it for all students of Arabic looking for alternative means to continue their language study!”

     -Stanley Seiden, 27, Erbil, Iraq

I have really enjoyed my NaTakallam sessions. I am also taking Arabic lessons in my home city, but it’s great to have extra practice that can be more tailored to the areas I need to work on, as it’s one on one. My conversation partner is very kind and patient. It has been interesting for both of us, I think — certainly for me — to learn about each other’s lives. Altogether, it’s a great way to foster cross-cultural connections and help both Arabic learners and Syrians displaced by the war.

     – Abby Sewell, 33, Los Angeles, USA


What a fantastic idea! I’ve studied Arabic for three years, but there is never enough time to both study and practice the language. NaTakallam allows me to practice with a real person on a pretty flexible schedule. Moreover, I love the mission: employing the skills of people who, because of circumstance, have been displaced from their homes and required to start over with nothing.

     – Lily Kimbel, 35, Mountain View, USA

“I think what NaTakallam is doing should be a business prototype for all kinds of startups. They offer a quality product with a meaningful byproduct, so I’m not just spending money for my own benefit, but for someone else’s as well. This is the biggest draw for someone like me.

     – Nathan Chud, 33, Beirut, Lebanon

NaTakallam is an excellent idea. I have been trying to learn Arabic for a few months, but living in Dubai, it is bizarrely very difficult to find people to actually speak with, and self-study can be isolating. Since starting my sessions with Rama last week, I have learnt so much in just a few days, and look forward to every session. I love the flexibility of the lessons and how I can do them from my own home and fit them around a very busy life, whilst also enjoying lessons tailored to exactly what I want to learn. I am so happy to have discovered NaTakallam!

     – Elizabeth Manrique, 37, Dubai, UAE

“Natakallam is an excellent way to improve your Arabic, whether Modern Standard Arabic or Syrian Colloquial Arabic. The teachers are committed and they tailor their teaching to your level and needs. Payment and scheduling are very professionally handled online. The price is very reasonable. I highly recommend Natakallam.

     – Mike Kulwicki, 62, Braintree, USA