5 Ways to Express your Love in Spanish

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, express your affection to your loved one in one of the most romantic languages in the world – español! Here are 5 fun ways to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s 😉

1. Te quiero:

From the verb “querer” (to want), this phrase literally translates to “I want you” but contextually also means “I love you” when said to a loved one, friend or family! It is usually a lighter expression of care and affection compared to “Te amo”, which has a more romantic or intimate connotation and reserved for a lover.

2. Flechazo:

Literally “an arrow shot” – meaning, love at first sight! Although its literal meaning is the pain or injury caused by an arrow, in colloquial terms, this Spanish untranslatable refers to the moment when love strikes unexpectedly!

3. Querido/Querida:

One of the most common, affectionate and widely recognized terms of endearment, and it’s translated as “darling” or “sweetheart”!

4. Mi reina/rey:

Make your Valentine feel extra special – and royal – when you call them “my queen” or “my king”. Throwback to Game of Thrones times. Moreover, this term of endearment could also be used between platonic friends to mean “darling” or “dude”.

5. ¡Que mono/mona eres!

In Spain, this phrase means something like “You’re so cute!”. But if you want to translate it literally, you would be telling your crush: “You’re so monkey!” 🙂

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