NaTakallam’s original concept is focused around conversation, and our conversation partners can work with a variety of language levels.

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Through being welcomed into Noor’s house and life every week, she has taught me the nuances of the day to day struggles refugees and displaced individuals encounter around the world. What NaTakallam has taught me, through connecting students to individuals going through the resettlement process, goes beyond what I learned working at UNHCR, Union High School, or any other organization that I have worked at.” –Leah, USA

 “It’s great to be part of this kind of innovative, collaborative project. It’s a great use of technology and it’s about cultural exchange and connecting people as well as language learning. And it’s opportunities to people who have lost a lot. Amazing.” -Richard Tierney, Australia

“NaTakallam is a great service that allows me to continue practicing and learning Arabic. At the same time, I feel like I can participate in a program that provides some shred of support and dignity to the Syrian refugee situation through NaTakallam.”  – Shadia Wood, USA