Want to improve your Arabic speaking skills and find a partner with whom to converse? Interested in interacting with someone from the region all while helping a good cause? Or perhaps you need to translate a document and want to benefit someone who is displaced while getting the service done?

  • If you are looking for one-on-one conversations in Arabic…

Please sign up here first : NaTakallam Student sign up (If you have already signed up once, you can skip this step)

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If you have any further questions, or if you have already signed up and have not received a response from us in 2 weeks, please contact us at info@natakallam.com., or chat with us by clicking on the blue button.

  • If you are looking for group conversation sessions in Arabic…

Are you interested in small group sessions? NaTakallam can work with up to 3 people per session as long as all of the language learners have mutually available times. Please follow the usual sign up process listed above and send an email to info@natakallam.com to specify the request.

  • If you are looking for translation or interpretation work…

Our Conversation Partners are happy to help with that too! Fill out the section below or email us at translation@natakallam.com with more details, including:

  • your selected language (Arabic, Farsi, English),
  • word count,
  • due date,
  • type of work (ideally providing a sample).