English Press:

news_deeply_Logo “The Tech Entrepreneur Turning Syrian Refugees into Virtual Teachers”
voa Logo “Syrian Refugees Earn Money, Cultivate Understanding, Teaching Arabic Online”
PBS Logo “You Can Learn Arabic–And Empathy–By Connecting With Refugees On Skype”
 PBS Logo  “Want to practice Arabic? Syrian tutors are ready to lend a voice” 
huffpost logo “This Language Startup Connects Arabic Learners With Syrian Refugees. NaTakallam aims to provide a way for refugees to be paid for their skills”
aljazeera Logo “Ventures hire refugees to harness talent and skills”
NBC_News_2013_logo “Syrian Tutors Explore the Space Between Worlds and Words”
Marketplace “A startup sparks conversation with Syrian refugees”
migrant-podcast Hear from one of our Conversation Partners, Saeed, on his experiences with NaTakallam and how it has impacted his life. (Start: 33:00)
huffpost logo “Five Initiatives to Keep Supporting Refugees Post-Olympics”
Quartz logo “Syrian refugees are offering Arabic lessons to students abroad through Skype”
“Lebanese Camps for Syrians witness the rise of the connected refugee”
mashable logo “How a language startup has connected Syrian refugees with Arabic students”
PRI logo “This startup helps Syrian refugees earn a living. All they need is a laptop”
daily dot logo  “Want to learn Arabic? These Syrian refugees will teach you via Skype
ted logo  “Melissa Fleming , head of communications and the public information service at UNHCR,  shares some ways to help refugees right now”
“The 12 startups using tech to tackle Europe’s refugee crisis”
MEE logo “Making friends with Syrian refugees while learning Arabic. NaTakallam employs Syrian refugees in Lebanon by pairing them with language students around the world”
skype logo  “Conversational Arabic lessons bridge cultural divide” 

French and Italian Press:

France 24 logo.png “Discover NaTakallam, a start-up employing Syrian refugees to teach Arabic”
L'obs avec Rue89 Logo “Ma prof est une réfugiée syrienne”
(When Your Professor is a Syrian Refugee)
Le Figaro Logo “Natakallam, la plateforme solidaire pour apprendre l’arabe”
(Natakallam, the solidarity platform for learning Arabic)
Io Donna Logo “NaTakallam, imparare l’arabo grazie ai rifugiati siriani “
(NaTakallam, learning Arabic thanks to Syrian refugees)

 More Press:

global_citizen_logo “Meet the Lebanese-American Woman Whose Startup Is Getting Students and Syrian Refugees Chatting”
techonomy_logo “How Connections Help Place the Displaced”
Calendar-750x396 “Can business really deliver equality of opportunity?”
inc-arabia-logo “This startup is breaking down language and other barriers to help refugees”
Medium Logo “Five Ways to Make a Difference Using Your Language Skills”
Al-Arabiya  “Arabic language startup helps Syrian refugees find hope, income” 
The A Factor Logo “When technology challenges the narrative of the European refugee crisis”
invibed “Recent Columbia Grads Launch Startup That Empowers Syrian Refugees.”
arabic weekly “Language start-up aims to help Arabic learners and Syrian refugees. NaTakallam is a new language-learning platform which seeks to connect Arabic lan­guage learners in West with Arabic conversation partners, spe­cifically Syrian refugees in Lebanon, over Skype”
atlas of world logo “In the streets of Cairo, Casablanca and Beirut people speak a different Arabic to the classical language taught in universities and institutes. All across the Arabic speaking world, regional dialects are how people communicate everyday. Language School NaTakallam, meaning ‘we speak’, offers classes of this spoken Arabic via Skype for just US$15 per hour. Its teachers are native speakers from Syria living in Lebanon, and they are refugees”
al araby logo “NaTakallam: Pairing Lebanon’s Syrian refugees with Arabic learners”
wamda logo.jpg
“Natakallam gives Syrian refugees both a voice and an income”
inc-arabia-logo “Libanen: Nanmin mousheng xinshouduan Zaixian jiao ayu” (Lebanon: Refugees find new ways of making a living – by teaching Arabic online)