Bespoke language training for your team

Curated language training for your global workforce.

Language learning packages

Individual Sessions (1:1)

Personalized, flexible language sessions for your employees, at any language level. Available in Arabic, Armenian, English, French, Kurdish, Persian & Spanish.

Integrated Arabic Curriculum (1:1)

A unique program that integrates colloquial Levantine Arabic with Modern Standard Arabic in a way that reflects the use of the language by native speakers. Tailored to the employee’s level.

Teams of two

Suitable for teams of two who are at similar language levels. This option is open to learners of all levels, including beginners. Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish & Persian.

Global-minded, people-centered & impact-driven

Tailored learning

One-on-one sessions are tailored to your team’s professional needs, objectives & schedule.

Native tutors

Customized language training is led by professional instructors with native knowledge.

Competitve rates

NaTakallam's one-on-one sessions are a great value.

Our Languages

A language experience like no other – available in:

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Tailored packages

Looking for more? Get in touch with us to create customized packages for your team’s needs.

Flexible sessions tailored to individual or group sessions

Cost benefits compared to on-site classes

Curriculum courses & industry-tailored content available

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Choose from Modern Standard Arabic or any of our 7+ dialects offered by native tutors across the region. Take your proficiency to the next level & connect with the Arab business world.

Offer your team a smoother integration or transition with our customized English lessons delivered by bilingual tutors with extensive English instruction experience.

Gain an edge with contextualized French learning by native tutors from displaced backgrounds. Flexible, with cultural & business insights, tailored to your needs.

Looking to do business with Kurdish businesses? Learn with NaTakallam’s native speakers & reach new language (& business) goals – tailored to your professional needs.

Spanish is one of the fastest growing foreign languages in the world. Get access to the Spanish business world with our native tutors – tailored to your needs.

Choose from Eastern Armenian or Western Armenian. Get quality teaching & unique insights from native tutors. Gain an edge with Armenian language skills.

Improve your proficiency in Farsi or Dari & contextualize your learning with cultural insights from our native tutors. Language & culture go hand-in-hand at NaTakallam.