The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide has surpassed a record 65 million. Such an immense crisis requires global and innovative responses. We believe that fostering a sense of active citizenship and direct understanding of today’s global migration crisis, away from sensationalism, as well as the media and political spheres, is critical and must start at young age.

NaTakallam is an impactful and revolutionary way of practicing a language or area of study by leveraging today’s technology, all while raising awareness and supporting refugee livelihoods.

On campus, NaTakallam conversations are a perfect complement to traditional coursework in Arabic/Middle Eastern studies, international affairs, anthropology, sociology and more.

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In younger classrooms,  NaTakallam is an engaging way to bring to life a specific topic. That’s what happened with some of our youngest students, who as part of their class on migration, skyped with NaTakallam conversation partners and learned first hand about their journey from Syria, life in their host country, and what they miss the most back home. 

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Our founder speaks to a young visitor at the Bilingual Fair in NYC, in early November 2017.

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