In recent years, bilingual education has shifted from the traditional methods of language learning, like memorizing vocabulary and doing grammar drill, to more realistic and culturally informed language learning practices based on conversation.  In keeping with this trend, NaTakallam’s Arabic learning program for K-12 students prioritizes student engagement by creating tangible and emotional connections between students and our conversation partners (CPs), who are refugees and displaced persons.

Hear directly from our founder on the importance of learning a second language, how NaTakallam is impacting lives and the biggest challenges facing education today.

NaTakallam has been praised by educational organizations, policymakers, and teachers for the effects that our programs have not only on student’s language abilities but their empathy and citizenship as well.  The Finnish Educational Organization HundrED named NaTakallam as one of their 100 Best Educational Innovations of 2017.  The educational policy experts at HundrED wrote that NaTakallam teaches students “the invaluable lesson that there are real people behind every statistic and news headline.”



"I liked that I was getting to the truth of the people, not a censored version. Her takeaway message really touched me, as I expected a political statement, but instead she said "just give us a chance" - which is really what any of us want. She didn't mention political or cultural differences, but asked us as one people to simply have empathy and take care of Syrians in need."

- Student at Watkinson School Hartford, CT, USA     


  • A young visitor at the Bilingual Fair in NY in November 2017 takes a look at NaTakallam's Arabic Word of the Day postcards.

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