To date, over 85 refugees and displaced persons, and over 1800 users in 60 countries have engaged in more than 18,000 hours of NaTakallam sessions. Since starting in August 2015, displaced persons have self-generated over $200,000 through their work with NaTakallam.


 We work with displaced people and refugees (mostly Syrian and Iraqis) in over a dozen countries, mostly in the Middle East & North Africa region, where we coordinate with NGOs on the ground. Most individuals NaTakallam supports are at the beginning of their refugee journey, striving to make it to places like Australia, Europe and North America, where less than 0.5 percent of the total refugee population actually gets resettled.

While we hear about a “refugee crisis” taking place in Europe, the vast majority of displaced people are in developing nations. As NaTakallam was born in Beirut, we aim to provide close to Lebanon’s minimum wage in monthly payments to conversation partners.


I was a woman of almost sixty years old with health problems, and a refugee with minimal rights in a city of 25 million people; my chances at getting a job were almost nonexistent. I thought that this experience would only help me earn an income, but in fact it enriched my thinking, expanded my horizons, and strengthened my skills in both Arabic and English. Each student forces me to learn more about the beauty of Arabic, and to arm myself so I can properly explain it in English. Thus, I am a teacher and a student at the same time.

– Najwa, conversation partner in Turkey since September 2016