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A one-of-a-kind Arabic program that combines Modern Standard Arabic with the Levantine dialect for a real-world experience.


Classes start as low as US$16 per session, with each session lasting up to 60 minutes.

1 session

$ 25  / hour

For a single session

5 sessions

$ 19  / hour

At a package price of $95

10 sessions

$ 16  / hour

At a package price of $160

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Why NaTakallam?

Every 2 seconds, someone is forced to flee their home—that’s less than the time it takes to read this sentence. 

Doctor or artist, architect or teacher, most displaced people struggle to earn a living. At the same time, in an increasingly interconnected world, global understanding has never been more critical to professional success.

NaTakallam offers language learning, translation & cultural exchange services delivered by individuals who’ve been forced to flee their homes or who are based in countries that host large communities of refugees.

Why NaTakallam?

Native instructors

Immerse yourself with natural conversations, culture and native pronunciation

One-on-one sessions

Achieve language goals more efficiently through personalized sessions and instant feedback

Flexible and learning on-the-go

Learn anytime and anywhere with flexible sessions that work around your schedule

Real-world practice

Engage in relevant language practice with that focuses on real-life applications

Social Impact

Support conflict-impacted individuals all while mastering a new language

English-speaking instructors

Don't worry about being a beginner; start your language-learning journey from an English foundation

What our learners say

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10% OFF all language offerings to celebrate Peace Day! Build bridges, NOT walls, with our native tutors from refugee & conflict-affected backgrounds. Code: PEACE10
NOUVEAU: Vous êtes francophone et vous souhaitez apprendre l'arabe? C'est par ici et c'est à -50% !