The Power of Spanish

A one-of-a-kind Arabic program that combines Modern Standard Arabic with colloquial Arabic for an authentic real-world experience.

Although learning a language can be difficult, there are more pros to learning than cons! Today’s society is interconnected and interdependent, and learning a language can benefit you in the long run with how you contribute and engage with the global economy. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to 
Learn a Language!

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Try our Lessons

1 hr Fench

Effectively implement your projects and communicate with your team by translating any project proposals, manuels, guidebooks, company policies, your research, etc.

5 hr French

Simultaneous interpretation for your important meetings, webinars, online events, to reach more audiences and offer them the chance to express themselves fully using their native language.

10 hr French

Bring in a native speaker into your audio/video content to bring your video alive in a local language

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Albertha Mos

4 months from the start of the first session

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