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Why NaTakallam?

Every 2 seconds, someone is forced to flee their home. There are 79 million+ displaced people in the world today – many of them skilled professionals who left behind their careers. Most displaced people struggle to earn a living & regain the support, dignity, & opportunities they deserve.

With NaTakallam, you can support these individuals & their host communities by working with them as online tutors, teachers, translators, & cultural exchange partners – regardless of their location & status.

Guaranteed Impact

Directly support refugee livelihoods at a time when they might otherwise be cut off from the economy.

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Our trained language instructors all have tutoring & teaching experience, & are highly educated.

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NaTakallam's one-on-one sessions are tailored to your needs & are a great value.

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Valentina, USA (Arabic Learner)

NaTakallam has given me the priceless opportunity to have a wonderful Syrian conversation partner that not only shares his language with me, but also his personal interests and history as a Syrian in Lebanon. This project is not simply about language exchange, it is a bridge connecting two cultures. Something we are so dramatically in need these days!

Sara, Australia (Integrated curriculum student)

I recommend NaTakallam to everyone I hear say they have an interest in learning Arabic--not only is the program solid and the materials helpful, but also my Conversation Partner is both teacher and friend. I'm really grateful for the experience

Seda, Turkey (Spanish learner)

I am having Spanish classes and very excited to continue with my conversation partner/teacher Marianela! This is a great platform to connect people who want to learn and earn! I am very happy being a part of this project. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Spenser, USA (Arabic & Spanish learner)

Love the service! I was an Arabic major in college and got a masters at the American University of Cairo, but that was about 7 years ago, and I was rusty. My tutor was able to match my level and tailor the curriculum around what I'm interested in (improving my spoken Egyptian dialect and my pronunciation). I also use Natakallam for Spanish, and I have the same positive review!

Karine, France

The Integrated Curriculum program has been the perfect fit for me to start learning Arabic. I am currently working in a war zone (non-Arabic speaking) and travelling a lot. Thanks to the program I have been able to learn some basics in the Arabic language. Furthermore, the encouragement and patience of my tutor has played a big role in keeping me motivated. I am very thankful to this program and my tutor and I am always looking for my next class

Jennifer, Australia

I recommend NaTakallam to everyone I hear say they have an interest in learning Arabic – not only is the program solid and the materials helpful, but also my tutor is both teacher and friend. I'm really grateful for the experience.

Kristina, Yemen (Spanish learner)

I have been practicing my Spanish through Natakallam for 5 months now and highly recommend it. My fluency quickly improved and the human experience of getting to know my teacher and exchanging perspectives on life while conversing in Spanish has been very enriching. I'm really grateful to Natakallam for pairing us together

Daniel, USA

NaTakallam is a really excellent initiative. The West is filled with students learning Arabic but lacking exposure to Arabic life, culture, and people. We are taught to speak formally about the United Nations, but can’t hold a conversation about daily life. NaTakallam gives Arabic students unique access to the Arabic-speaking world. More importantly, speaking with refugees who are fleeing extreme violence can teach sheltered Western students some degree of humility and compassion as they study the abstract ‘Arab world’. It’s a beautiful program, and I’ve actively encouraged all of my colleagues to sign up.

Mother of Young Students, USA (Arabic learners)

This is a wonderful opportunity to get our daughters to practice, given that we live in NY and that they are only in Lebanon one month a year. Their conversation partner was professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and knowing that this service helps her in her difficult situation makes it a win-win on both sides. Many thanks to the Natakallam team!

Awards & Press

‘I just need a connection’: the refugees teaching ...

"Louisa Waugh and Ghaith Alhallak have met for language lessons in seven countries. “We counted it up the other day,” says Waugh, recalling the list of places from which she has video-called Alhallak: Britain, Mali, Senegal and Greece. Alhallak has answered from Lebanon, France and Italy, where he is now studying for a master’s degree in political science at the University of Padua."

You Can Learn Arabic–And Empathy–By Connecting ...

"For the refugees, NaTakallam offers a path toward the minimum wage or more–which is particularly significant for refugees in Lebanon, who are often not allowed to work. But when Sara sent a survey around the 55 refugees currently employed as “conversation partners” through NaTakallam in January, she learned that the most important aspect of the startup for them “is being connected to people around the world..."

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