For younger learners, NaTakallam is an engaging way to study a language or bring to life a specific topic—all while making an impact.

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In recent years, bilingual education has shifted from the traditional methods of language learning, like memorizing vocabulary and doing grammar drill, to more realistic and culturally informed language learning practices based on conversation.  In keeping with this trend, NaTakallam’s Arabic learning program for K-12 students prioritizes student engagement by creating tangible and emotional connections between students and our conversation partners (CPs) who are refugees and displaced persons.

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NaTakallam has been praised by educational organizations, policymakers, and teachers for the effects that our programs have not only on student’s language abilities but their empathy and citizenship as well.  The Finnish Educational Organization HundrED named NaTakallam as one of their 100 Best Educational Innovations of 2017.  The educational policy experts at HundrED wrote that NaTakallam teaches students “the invaluable lesson that there are real people behind every statistic and news headline.”

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“NaTakallam has given my Arabic speaking students the opportunity to really feel at home in the classroom. I’ve seen how my students’ personalities have developed and blossomed, and they truly look forward to their weekly Arabic classes with [our CP],” states Armen Kassabian, a teacher at Bronx International High School in New York City, who implemented NaTakallam for a class of students who have recently emigrated from Yemen. But NaTakallam doesn’t only cater to students looking to learn Arabic. We also have options for students interested in learning more about Middle Eastern culture and the migration crisis in general, such as when we’ve had CPs speak about their culture and journey leaving Syria to a class of 4th graders in Hong Kong.



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